Our most popular heavy duty, affordable, all-purpose pre-spray! Highly versatile with a wide range of dilutions. 

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Grease Magic Break-A-Way is a high powered, butyl-free pre-spray and traffic lane cleaner safe for use in most applications and in a wide range of dilutions! Break-A-Way is a versatile, multi-purpose pre-spray, spotter, and traffic lane cleaner that will save you money and time. Can even be used as a spray shampoo for bonnet cleaning! Detergents, emulsifiers, solvents, and a fresh lemon scent leave carpets bright and clean! Safe on most carpets, and even doubles as a hard surface degreaser! One gallon of Break-A-Way makes up to 20 gallons of RTU product! (pH: 10.5-11)

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*Not for sale in California

  1. Dilute 1:20 (approx.. 6oz./gal) or lower, depending on application.
  2. In-line type sprayers (yellow tip): Mix 32oz./5 quart jug.
  3. Apply to carpets or upholstery.
  4. Agitate with carpet rake, CRB, or other tool.
  5. Allow solution to dwell for 10 minutes.
  6. Extract with hot water and acidic carpet rinse.

View Break-A-Way SDS here.

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