Snakebite from Grease Magic in the green bottle is our best-selling alkaline tile and grout cleaner! This all purpose tile & grout cleaner is super concentrated for maximum profitability. Simply spray on to tile and extract with a turbo-style tool to make tile and grout look new again!

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Grease Magic Snakebite in the green bottle is our number one and longest selling alkaline tile & grout cleaner! This heavy duty tile pre-spray loosens and emulsifies soils, stains, buildup, and facilitates easy soil removal. Snakebite Premium Alkaline Tile & Grout Cleaner will remove the most stubborn soils with ease! Apply with a pump up or injection sprayer and extract with a turbo-style tool. Can be used with floor cleaning equipment, in walk behind auto scrubbers, with hand held grout brushes, and even a standard floor mop! Safe to use on most tile. Always pre-test. pH: 13.5-14.5.

Pump Up Sprayer: Dilute 1oz/gal of water

Walk Behind Scrubber: Dilute 4-8oz./gal of water in tank of machine. Clean, extract.

Injection Sprayers: No tip (4:1) 20oz./container; Yellow Tip (9:1) 40oz./container

  1. Apply diluted Snakebite to tile & grout and allow to dwell for 3-5 minutes. Do NOT allow product to dry before extracting.
  2. Agitate grout with grout brush.
  3. Extract with turbo style spinner tool.

View Snakebite SDS here.

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