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Enzyme Pre-Spray is the original pre-spray from Grease Magic! This unique blend of custom engineered enzymes, emulsifiers, and brighteners cuts through tough residential and commercial soils. Contains no butyl, no solvents, and no ozone depleting chemicals, while containing maximum cleaning power!

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Enzyme Pre-Spray: the original pre-spray from Grease Magic! Professional carpet and upholstery cleaners across the United States and Canada have made Grease Magic Enzyme Pre-Spray their product of choice for pre-treating carpeting and textiles! This product is designed for use in truckmounted or portable extractors. Its superior enzyme and emulsifying action has earned it the nickname ‘Mean Green’ from our devoted customers. This premium pre-spray cuts through and easily emulsifies restaurant grease, heavy foot traffic, residential soils, protein stains, grass stains, and even blood stains! Plus, Enzyme Pre-Spray contains no butyl, no solvents, no fillers, no solvents, and is environmentally friendly. Leaves a fresh lemon scent. Mixes easily in hot or cold water. Used mixed solution within 24 hours. pH: 10-11.

  1. Dilute Enzyme Pre-Spray as follows:
    1. Pump Up Sprayer: Light soil, 2oz./gal. Heavy soil, 4oz./gal
    2. Injection Sprayer (no tip): 8oz./gal, 16:1 dilution ratio
    3. Injection Sprayer (yellow tip): 16oz./gal, 8:1 dilution ratio
  2. Pre-spray over area of carpet to be cleaned. Allow 10-20 minutes of dwell time to give enzymatic properties the opportunity to break down soils.
  3. Extract through wand with Grease Magic Rinse +.
  4. Used mixed solution within 24 hours.
  5. Enzyme Pre-Spray works best at water temp ranges from 120F-150F.

View Enzyme Pre-Spray SDS here.


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