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Thermolock is a solvent-based fogging deodorizer available in citrus or cherry. This product is designed to control odors with a hot “thermo” fogger only. Penetrates tough to reach spaces to destroy hidden and trapped odors resulting from structural fire and smoke damage, skunk spray, wet dog smell, food odors, and more!

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Grease Magic Thermolock is a solvent-based fogging deodorizer available in citrus or cherry. This petroleum product is designed to be used in a hot “thermo” fogger only. Do not use in a ULV or “cold” fogger. Thermolock is highly effective at neutralizing tough, residual odors caused by heavy smoke damage and structural fire damage, as well as malodors caused by skunk spray, pet odors, food/cooking odors, and more! Thermolock works by recreating the conditions of penetration by malodors, and its fogging nature allows it to reach even the smallest, tightest areas to counteract trapped odors. Available in cherry and citrus!

  1. For professional use only. Do not dilute. Apply only with a thermal fogging device. NOTIFY FIRE DEPARTMENT PRIOR TO FOGGING.
  2. Shake well before using.
  3. Turn off pilot lights in treatment area & eliminate ignition sources.
  4. Evacuate the treatment area, including pets and materials that may be damaged by petroleum distillates.
  5. Issue proper PPE to technicians, including respirators.
  6. Adjust temperature of treatment area: Thermolock works best when ambient air temperature is at least 55F or higher.
  7. Apply Thermolock at a rate of 1oz/1000 cubic feet.
  8. Keep doors and windows closed for 30 minutes after application.
  9. Ventilate treatment area for 30 minutes before re-entering.

View Thermolock SDS here.

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