Grease Magic Liquid Nitro


Citrus extract, surfactants, and detergents suspend dirt and soils on contact!

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Liquid NitroYour favorite Nitro-CT Pre-Spray is now in liquid form! Introducing LIQUID NITRO from Grease Magic–our first high powered, high pH citrus pre-spray in liquid form. This pre-spray will quickly become a permanent product on each of your trucks for its versatility, ease of use, and low cost of application. One gallon of Liquid Nitro makes up to 17 gallons of RTU pre-spray! At just $21.00 per gallon, this means that you can apply Liquid Nitro for just pennies per square foot. Liquid Nitro is powerful enough for the most stubborn and soiled carpets, and leaves behind a fresh, citrus scent. This pre-spray is sure to please every customer, every time. Try it today!



Pump Up Sprayer: Dilute 1:16
Injection Sprayer: Fill sprayer 1/2 way with Liquid Nitro, fill rest of sprayer with water


Pump Up Sprayer: Dilute 1:8
Injection Sprayer: Fill sprayer with Liquid Nitro. Do not add water.

*Dilute 1:40 for CA (OTC) VOC Compliancy

Liquid Nitro is highly effective on petroleum-based soils as well as restaurant grease, food residue, protein stains, and more! Use in restaurants, dorm rooms, offices, rental units, apartments, residential and commercial areas. If you have carpet that you just need to get clean, Liquid Nitro is the pre-spray for you!

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