POG is a liquid spot and stain remover designed for oil based stains, paint, and grease spots. POG is an acronym for “Paint, Oil, & Grease Remover.”

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Grease Magic POG is a liquid spotter designed to remove oil-based spots, stains, paint spills, gummy and gooey residue, sticky spots, food grease, engine/mechanical grease, and more! Grease Magic POG is guaranteed to be the best POG you have ever brought to the job site. This easy-to-use product dissolves soils and holds them in suspension to be easily flushed away with water or solvents. Apply diluted or use straight for tougher stains! Grease Magic POG will remove paint, oily soils, tar, asphalt, pen ink, wood furniture and varnish stains, nail polish, makeup, copy ink and toner, and more from carpets, textiles, and even hard surfaces! 

  1. Use concentrated (RTU) on difficult spots and stains, or mix with water for lighter spots and stains.
  2. Apply product directly to spot with spray bottle.
  3. Agitate spot with bone scraper or similar agitating tool.
  4. Allow several minutes dwell time.
  5. Flush spot with water and extract.
  6. Always pretest.

View POG SDS here.


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