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Biolock Extreme Odor Destroying Technology is a quadruple action water-based deodorizer that absorbs, encapsulates, pairs, and modifies malodor molecules to destroy odors at their source. Biolock permanently eliminates odors from sources such as decay, sewage, skunk, trauma, nicotine, cannabis, smoke/soot, rot, and more!




Grease Magic Biolock is a quadruple action, water-based odor eliminator that permanently eliminates odors from sources such as decay, sewage, skunk, trauma, nicotine, cannabis, smoke/soot, rot, and more! Grease Magic Biolock is a leading deodorizer relied on by industry professionals in all fields of work. It’s versatile application methods allows it to be easily applied for different circumstances.

Biolock is safe to use on all materials that can be cleaned with water. It can be sprayed, cold fogged, mopped, or wiped to apply. It can be used as a pre-emptive treatment to make the work environment more comfortable for the technician, as a last-step odor treatment in the remediation process, as a one-time treatment for problematic odors, or as an everyday deodorizer for general cleaning.

Notes of Eucalyptus, lemongrass, Jasmine, and Lavender make this product pleasing to every customer!

Biolock Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply Biolock Extreme Odor Destroying Technology?
It can be sprayed, mopped, injected, or cold-fogged. Refer to dilution rates on label. Simply mix product with water and mop onto a concrete floor for a tough pet urine job, spray onto carpeting, studs, flooring, or furniture; inject into carpet for spot treatments, or apply with a cold (ULV) fogger!

Is Biolock water-based? What does that mean?
It is a water-based product. This means that you can use it on ANY surface that you can safely clean with water, from carpet, to flooring, to furniture, to studs and sillplates, and more!

Is Biolock a masking agent?
Biolock is not only a masking agent, it is a quadruple action deodorizer that absorbs odor molecules, pairs with odor molecules, encapsulates odor molecules, and modifies them at their source. It DESTROYS odors–it does not cover them up!

Can I use Biolock to control nicotine or cannabis odor?
It’s a highly effective product at destroying odor from nicotine, cigarettes, and Cannabis odor. Use it to control cigarette smoke and Cannabis odor in homes or in cars! Simply mix with water and spray to control odor.

What other applications can Biolock be used in besides fire and water restoration?
Biolock is a great product to have on hand in every home and office! It is effective on sports gear such as hockey pads and equipment, in laundry as an odor counteractant on work-out and fitness clothing, in funeral homes as an odor counteractant, for pet owners to control skunk, dog, and cat urine odor, and in janitorial facilities!

How many uses will I get out of each gallon?
It dilutes down to as little as 1oz. per gallon of water. This means one gallon of Biolock can make up to 128 ready to use gallons of deodorizer!

What does Biolock smell like?
Scents of herbaceous. Topnotes include Lemongrass and Eucalyptus.

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  1. Dilute Biolock for specific application per label instructions.
  2. Apply with pump up sprayer, trigger sprayer, cold fogger, mop, injection kit, or towel.
  3. Allow to dry.

View Biolock SDS here.

Grease Magic Biolock Label

Biolock SDS here.


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