Heavy Duty Degreaser


Heavy Duty Degreaser isn’t just any old degreaser—this super concentrated cleaner will amaze you with its versatility and cleaning power. HD Degreaser instantly dissolves grease, oil, grime, gunk, carbon deposits, and more!



Grease Magic Heavy Duty Degreaser is the last degreaser you will ever buy—we guarantee it! This degreaser is extremely concentrated (dilute as low as 1/2oz./gal of water) for general cleaning! Our degreaser can be used to clean nearly anything—if it needs to be cleaned, check the back panel on our product label, find the appropriate dilution, and go! Heavy Duty Degreaser can be used for carpet cleaning, general cleaning, auto cleaning, marine cleaning, fire and smoke damage restoration, vinyl and plastic cleaning, commercial and industrial kitchen cleaning, and any wet washable surface! Keep diluted in the laundry room to remove spots and stains from food and beverages, in the garage to wipe up spills from oil and grease, on the restoration truck for easy wall-wash mixing, the carpet cleaning van for quick spot treatments, and more! Our degreaser is so powerful that it is backed with a 100% satisfaction, money back guarantee. Why not try it today? *Available in 55 gallon drums for super cost savings! 55 GAL DRUM SHIPS FREE!

pH: 13.5-14.5 diluted


Highly concentrated. Dilution options as low as 2oz./gal of water to 10oz./gal of water depending on soil!

View HD Degreaser SDS here.

Grease Magic Heavy Duty Degreaser Label





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55gal, Case of 4 (Gallons), Gallon

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